A Husband and Wife's curated journal of complementary food and drink pairings.




A Good Pair is an amateur exploration of the senses; the result of a husband and wife design team who decided to take their respective loves of food (hers) and drink (his) and combine them into perfect pairings for any occasion (or non-occasion). Each pairing is simple and is based on the principle that when two good things come together, magic happens.




Alex is the mastermind behind the food of AGP. She tends to set her focus on baking and enjoys creating treats both simple and memorable. John’s passion lies more in the liquid variety. He has a penchant for both coffee and cocktails, and his steady hand and scientific mind help ensure a perfect cup of whatever-it-is every time. Together, they work to create something fun, delicious, and what they believe will make for the next Good Pair.

Website Credits

Made with ♥ in Orange County, CA. Designed, lettered, and developed by John and Alex Choura. All work is copyright 2015 unless otherwise noted. All recipes that we didn't write attributed to their respective owners in the header of each recipe.

Special Thanks

This whole project wouldn't be what it is without our friends. A special thanks goes to CJ Clark, Jake Irwin, Josh Eck, Travis Arnold, and Jeremy and Megan Hubin for all their help along the way. If you'd like to support our project and/or buy us a cup of coffee, use our cashtag #agoodpair, and we'll add your name in here.

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